Is MVP dead?

So it would seem. The minimum viable product approach, popularized by Eric Ries book, The Lean Startup was the fan favorite of all startups trying to launch a new product into the market.

But recently, there’s been a change in the wind. The popularity enjoyed by MVP so far is dying down, as more entrepreneurs are favoring SLC as the preferred product development approach.

SLC, a.k.a simple lovable complete takes a different approach towards product development than MVP. …

The tech world is continuously going through rapid changes that are reshaping the world. From the beginning of the Internet to smart homes, every step of the way has transformed our lifestyle. And IoT development is one of the major drivers of this change.

Connected devices are everywhere today. From our phones to connected agricultural equipment, the internet of things has touched upon all aspects of human lives. So it goes without saying that in the coming years, IoT is also going to change the web development & design industry as well.

Now whether you are thinking about building a…

Tanya is a 40-year-old woman who works at a computer repairs shop. Tanya’s spent the last five years or so collecting stolen computer parts from the shop. All this, in the hope, that one day she’d be able to assemble the perfect computer system for her teenage daughter.

Unfortunately, as Tanya starts to put all her pieces together, she realizes that most of the parts are incompatible with each other. And that’s because some crucial design features have transformed over the past few years.

With the knowledge that she has, Tanya still manages to make it work, but it’s nothing…

Before we discuss what to look for in a great web design and development company, here’s something we’d like you to consider.

You go to a supermarket to pick your favorite choice of salad dressing. As you approach the sauce and condiments section, you come across two brands offering the same Long Island dressing. However, one stands out with its beautiful packaging and label that promises “100% goodness”.

The other, though, is packaged in a drab looking bottle, with a dull label. Which one would you choose?

Our guess is, you’d go for the one with the more reassuring label…

If you have your eyes set on a career beyond your current desk job, you’re probably not alone.

In fact, if this report by Fortune is to be believed, 49% of all Americans under 35 report having a side business other than what they’re currently engaged in. These side ventures could be anything: from family-owned food truck businesses to small-scale software development startups.

It’s normal to feel constrained by your 9 to 5 job. But launching headlong into your own company without a great deal of experience can be a little risky in this unstable financial environment.

Getting your company…

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Do you remember this crazy Disney Pixar movie called ‘Inside Out’ where there used to be a single most annoying jingle playing in the head of Riley that she just couldn’t get rid of? Yeah, it was a Tripledent Gum commercial, and oh boy was our protagonist stuck with that in her mind!

A UI that caters to your emotional quotients or E.Q.?

Sounds familiar?

Well, it must, considering the elephant in the room — Ergonomics. Now, what has this term got to do with website designing?

Why are designers all of a sudden busy in garnishing their web design salads with this term?

Lots of questions in the queue, we must say! So, let’s start on!

Coined by a Polish scholar, Wojciech Jastrzębowski, in 1857, the term ‘Ergonomics’ originated from the Greek words ergon (work or labor) and nomos (natural laws). Post the adaptation of the term in 1950, the Ergonomic Society…

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Equilibrium [noun]

Definition: A state of adjustment between opposing or divergent influences.

Above is a well-known word that defines consistency. The world requires equilibrium within all conflicting forces. And that remains true for the digital world as well.

For so long, minimalist aesthetics ruled the virtual world. The trend that came into being during the early 2000 happens to be the unchallenged favorites of creators and business people alike. However, after two decades of reign, it seems like minimalism has a new opponent.

Enter Maximalism, a foil to everything minimalist design stands for. This trend didn’t just break the rules of conformity…

The time of revelation is over.

We are no longer in awe of the calamity called the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a good six months of dealing with it, we are getting used to this new normal that includes working from home, washing hands/sanitizing everything, and of course, eCommerce.

Before the pandemic hit, online commerce was growing rapidly. But as the stores barred the doors, having an online purchasing portal didn’t remain a luxury, but became a necessity. Retailers who were already ahead of the competition leveraged complete advantage of it. …

Pratip Biswas

CEO & Founder Unified Infotech

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